Sex Education (August 2014)
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Anything Goes (January 2014)
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Vybz Kartel - Real Badman (March 2014)
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Fuck Fight (March 2014)
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Born in South London, DJ FearLess (aka The Badness King) is a fan favorite and is known for his frequent dancehall reggae mixtapes, unique style and infectious personality that captivate crowds around the globe. He has been supplying the local and international market with quality music for the last six years. His dedication and consistency along with his unique mixing style and exclusive sound effects set him apart from the rest.

DJ FearLess is very ambitious and is keen on being and staying the best. Known as The Badness King, he praises violence and takes music more seriously than anything. He has more gangster mixtapes than any other DJ and prefers the badness songs to any other songs. He cannot go a day without working on a new mixtape, releasing 3-4 mixtapes per month.

DJ FearLess often doesn’t make a profit on his mixtapes as he is just doing it for the love of making people hear music his way. To date, his most popular mixtape is Bubble Hard due to the fact that every song was a hit. While Bubble Hard is popular with the fans, DJ FearLess’ personal favorite is Grim Reaper due to the fact that it features some of the darkest Gothic dancehall tunes.

Going into 2014 and beyond, fans can expect the same level of consistency that they have come to know and love as he is dedicated to being the best. DJ FearLess offers services, such as, live performances, custom mixtapes and event promotion.

Contact DJ FearLess for details:

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Twitter: @DJFearLess
  • Facebook: DJ FearLess
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